Horseback Riding / Horse Rental

Our horse ranch near Atlanta offers you the opportunity to rent our horses and ponies for horseback riding or cart driving on over 1400 scenic acres in Covington, Georgia located in Newton County.  We welcome every horse rider to find a horse that meets their individual comfort level, as we want the relationship between our guests and our horses to be high quality relationships.

"Our ranch offers a unique opportunity for the novice and experienced rider..." 


All guests ride with a riding instructor that knows the lay of the land and experienced riders enjoy the company of other experienced riders.  Our novice riders are limited to private or semi-private lessons.  We want to assure that all riders enjoy their time on the game preserve with riders of similar skill levels.  Each ride goes the speed of the least competent rider.

We're Unique...

Unlike most organizations, we allow our guests to walk, trot, and canter our horses.  All riders must show that they can stop a horse correctly in the speed they want to enjoy.  Experienced riders can enjoy the best of our endurance horses.  We have a beautiful place to ride.  The pictures on our web site show the standard ride for our guests.  Each rider can go to the Alcovy River and enjoy the refreshing waters on the river midway through their journey.  The ride shown through our photographs take approximately two hours to complete.


Cost and How to Pay

Please contact us to set-up an appointment to ride our horses.  Once an appointment is set, we will ask you to secure your appointment by making a payment of $50 per person for groups of 2 or more riders through our web site.  A Private Session for 1 person is $75.  By paying through our website, you're helping us to reduce our overhead.  This payment is requested for each rider.

Once your riding fee has been received, we will send you a confirming e-mail and directions to the location of our ranch.   We want to provide an excellent service to those riders interested in helping us support our program.

If you ride longer than two hours, you will be asked to pay an additional $25 per hour at the time of the ride.  We do not refund riding deposits.  You must give a 48 hour notice if you are unable to keep your appointment or your fee will be considered a donation to the foundation.  If you ask to reschedule your riding time 48 hours before your appointment, your deposit will be credited to the new riding time.  We will reschedule a riding time in the event of rain.


Horseback Riding / Horse Rental is $50 per person for groups of 2 or more people for two hours.
It is $75 for one person (a Private Session) for two hours.

To schedule a time to ride, please contact Dennis at 770-712-8685

or email


How many hours can we ride/rent a horse?

We encourage you to enjoy our horses, but we limit the length of the ride to the fatigue shown by the rider.  Horseback riding is an athletic event.  We do not want our riders too tired to enjoy the riding experience.  We want to protect the safety of our riders and our horses.  When riders or horses are tired, critical mistakes can endanger both the horse and the rider.

Since our horses ride on our property, we do not have any transportation costs.  When we offer riders the option of enjoying other venues, we clearly state any additional transportation fees. 

Do the horses take breaks?  If so, for how long and how often?

We want our riders and horses to be fresh and alert for their riding experience.  Our horses are trained endurance horses.  We do not allow our horses to ride more than twice in a single day.  Most days we limit the riders and horses to one trip to the Alcovy River per day.  We want everyone involved to enjoy their time at our ranch.